Boat Research Threads

At the bottom of this page there is a link to a downloadable PDF file containing the threads of our research inquiries via email to the sailboat owners community and comments from those who responded. It was a very informative, interesting and often passionate interchange which even drew comments from designer, Bill Crealock and former Pacific Seacraft president, Don Kohlman.

I organized and published this set of email threads in an attempt to give something back for all the generous help we received from other sailors and boat owners during our research.

Although I tried to accurately copy and compile all the inquiries/responses in this text, one or more emails may have been unintentionally left out or associated with the wrong person. It is also possible that some of these emails are either out of order or in the wrong set of threads. Nevertheless, I consider this to be a valuable resource. You can also read our comments evaluating our Cabo Rico 34.

If this helps anyone with their boat purchase research, please let me know and please pass it on. If you have questions feel free to email me. For anyone interested, here is a link to the current Cabo Rico owners group forum.

The names and email addresses were left in the messages. If for some reason you would like me to remove your name, or perhaps even your message, please let me know.

Thanks again to all of the respondents for their time and honesty in helping us on our quest to find the perfect boat.

Dave Newberg
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