Norcross Hawkeye Handheld Depth Finder

Wireless Headphones to use with electronic piano which is not bluetooth-equipped.

Fish tape - Example

Surgical Clamps/Locking Forceps

Ratcheting Right Angle Screwdriver (Phillips and Slotted)

Dental Type Tools with Hooked Ends like these :

Tap & Die Set - Metric and American

Starbrite Corrosion Buster Pen:

T-Handled Alan Wrenches - Example

Simple Carrot Peeler like this:

Mechanic's Stethoscope - Example

Screw Holders to start small Phillips and Slotted screws in hard to reach places

Good quality Crimping Tool

Right Angle Needle Nose Pliers

Infrared Temperature Sensing Gun

Chain Wrench

Achillies Dinghy valve caps - (up to 4 each)

3 feet of 3/8" LED Rope Lighting

Smartwool socks
Dark to Medium colors
Crew Length and short ankle high

Music: USED CDs are good - Save money !
Tango Project 2 by Tango Project

Samba Jazz Fantasia 2008 by Duduka da Fonseca

Join the Dance [Import] - by Gerardo Frisina

Jet Sounds Revisited [Import] by Nicola Conte

Breakfast Club: Milan

Books: USED Books are good - Save money !
The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen

Dave's Wish List:
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while you read the list.