A few gripes, complaints and wishes . . .

*Note: The complaints marked with * probably have no solution due to boat-size limitations or design constraints but are still noted on the list.
Our boat sits a bit bow down with a full forward water tank and a full load of ground tackle on the bow.
She also lists to port with a full forward water tank. The fwd water tank (over 100 gallons), fridge, galley storage bin, and the cockpit locker full of tools are all on the port side with nothing on starboard to counterbalance except the small 40 gallon water tank.
Ambiguous chainplate issues on older models (more)
27 horsepower Yanmar engine is somewhat underpowered for motoring straight against large seas - rethinking propeller selection help significantly . . . Max-Prop?
*Larger fuel tank would be a benefit for extended cruising but 40 gallons is adequate for us with a range of over 400 miles
*Difficult backing and docking - full keel. Again, Max-Prop or similar a desired but costly upgrade.
Cockpit & Deck:
Wooden frames supporting cockpit port locker walls are substandard for Cabo Rico - softwood - but very easy to replace. These may or may not have been CR's work.
Lots of gorgeous brightwork - we love it but it requires much work.
Passage on deck between mast pulpits and forward shrouds is tighter than optimal but not seriously constrictive.
Difficult access: steering, electric bilge pump, starting battery . . . as with most boats this size, many spaces and things can be seen and reached, however, not both at the same time.
Main sheet traveler should be line-controlled instead of the finger-buster buttons/pistons.
Position of mainsheet winch prevents full turn of handle if standard style dodger is installed.
Mainsheet winch should have more power due to mid-boom sheeting.
Mainsail raising/lowering difficult at any angle other than straight into the wind - better slide/track system would help.
Stern rail boarding ladder needs extra top step.
Poor placement of steaming light - damage likely when lifting mast.
We'd prefer roller-furling added to the boomed staysail but then battens would be a problem.
Baffled water tanks - placement of access ports was clearly not thought out. One cleanout/access port in each tank is obstructed and innaccessible without sawing through the fiberglass berth structure.
House battery locker should allow for more than 3 batteries
Ugly mast step with difficult-to-clear drain.
*Galley sink drains are near or below waterline
*Limited vertical foot room under nav table when using starboard settee as a berth.
*Forward facing dinette seat-back is too vertical for comfort.
*Bilge in aft section of keel is VERY deep/difficult to access.
*Aft cabin knee room is minimal but cockpit well is in the way.
*Difficult to access fuel tank.
*Marginal access to some plumbing and wiring.

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